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Retro / Vintage Bikes are so cool!
We have a large range of these popular rides starting @ $399.
Fully assembled, ready to ride, complete with basket and a rear carrier.


 2016 GT Ruckus DJ $659

2016 GT Ruckus DJ - a real head turner, it's a 26" single speed MTBMX with a Cro.Mo. main frame & forks. Fitted with a rear disc brake, Cro.Mo 3pc. cranks and double wall rims.


Mongoose 20.5" Hi-Tensile Steel Frame with 25/9 gearing.
Featuring 3pc Cro.Mo. Crank Set and a Gyro (brake cable de-tangler)



 Triad Underworld 2 Drift Trike, now available


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